High Power CW Fiber Laser

Amonics' Fiber Laser (AFL) is a compact standalone turnkey equipment to deliver up to 30W output power in 1550nm range under CW operation. Based on proprietary all fiber design, Amonics fiber laser is maintenance free. No post-installation service is required.

Since the AFL adopts master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) design, it can provide high power output with different linewidth levels. AFL is the ideal candidate for a wide range of industrial application.


Mode of Operation CW
Average Output Power 1W, 5W, 10W, 20W, 30W
Wavelength 1550nm range
Laser Linewidth 10MHz to 100GHz
Polarization Linear or random
Polarization mode dispersion (SM Version) Typ. 0.3ps, Max. 0.5ps
Polarization Extinction Ratio (PM Version) Typ. 23dB, Min. 20dB
Beam Quality M^2 Typ. 1.1, Max. 1.2
Isolation Inter-stage and output

General Parameters

unit value
Operation Temperature °C 0 to +40
Storage Temperature °C -10 to +70
Power Supply VAC 90 - 240, 47 - 63Hz
Dimensions mm Benchtop, 260(W) x 330(D) x 120(H) [Output power <5W]
Dimensions mm 2U Rackmount, 485(W) x 515(D) x 90(H) or 485(W) x 360(D) x 90(H) [Output power <5W]
Dimensions mm 3U Rackmount, 485(W) x 615(D) x 150(H) [Output power >5W]
Control Keylock switch, optical output power
Optical Power Monitoring Output power, Seed power
Remote Control Port RS232, TCP/IP ethernet (optional)
Protection Pump laser (TEC) overheat
Optical Port Main output, Seed laser, Output tap
Output Termination Collimator, Bare fiber

Ordering Information

Product Code
AFL-wwww-xx-y-zz or AFL-PM-wwww-xx-y-zz
wwww : Wavelength in nm
xx : Output power in dBm
y: B for Benchtop, R for 19 inches Rackmount
zz : CL for collimator, NC for bare fiber

Key Features

Up to 30W output power
Turnkey operation
Maintenance free
Linear or random polarization
Highly reliable and durable
Narrow linewidth operation (Optional)
Optical feedback protection (Optional)
Back reflection monitoring (Optional)